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Simplify the delivery of remote cardiac monitoring services.

The future of remote cardiac telemetry is here with the MoMe® ARC Platform so you can have more control to drive new efficiencies and better patient care.

Our system gives you full control over all aspects of remote cardiac monitoring services, from enrollment to reporting, including the ability to bill globally for services. We streamline workflows to make monitoring processes easier for practice staff and the patients you support. Here’s how:

In-office enrollment for automatic patient monitoring.

  • Patients enroll in minutes via a user-friendly portal. You can also connect with your existing EMR to further streamline ordering and report distribution.
  • Minimal effort is needed from patients to operate the simple, single-piece MoMe® device.
  • Patient monitoring can begin immediately since they’ll own the device.
streamline remote patient monitoring See how easy it is to enroll a patient.

“Instead of showing patients a text report of their monitor findings, I’m able to log into the user interface and show them what was going on during their symptoms. It has allowed us to engage patients in a very different way.”

– Dr. Michael Mazzini, MD

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Make the most of patient monitoring time.

  • Access QA’d automated reports and 24-hour ECG data any time during monitoring—no calls or faxes needed to acquire data.
  • Immediately identify when a patient is non-compliant for fast resolution and to mitigate gaps in monitoring data.
  • Patients can remotely transition the monitor between Holter, Event, and MCT and adjust service length according to findings without the need for follow-up appointments.

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Control the procedure and improve your workflows.

  • Access on-demand full disclosure data anywhere, anytime.
  • File the claim on your tests using the MoMe™ system as part of your standard claims protocol.
  • Eliminate unnecessary patient office visits by switching monitoring modes remotely with one device (Holter, Event, MCT).
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