Transform the efficiency of cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring management for you, your practice, and your patients with MoMe® Kardia.

    The first and only cardiac event detection and monitoring system to harness the analytical power of the Cloud, MoMe® Kardia delivers on-demand, actionable reporting directly to your fingertips via a convenient web-based physician portal, allowing you to perform analysis when, where, how, and in the detail you want.

    With MoMe® Kardia, you’re in control.


    Monitoring Under Your Control

    Our single, lightweight 3-in-1 device collects all ECG and motion data from your patients and continuously streams it via the Cloud to your physician portal for 24/7 access.

    • Remotely transition between Holter, Event, or MCT, depending on patient need.
    • Set up monitoring periods for as long as needed to obtain sufficient analysis data.
    • Eliminate gaps in monitoring time, the need for additional office visits, and added hardware inventory.

    on demand analysis

    Analysis Under Your Control

    Through an intuitive, HIPAA-compliant mobile app, you can see the automated arrhythmia reporting and analysis you want, when you want – and dig deeper into full disclosure data if you desire.

    • Take a paperless, real-time approach to arrhythmia detection analysis, instead of waiting for piles of static reports to fax in.
    • View reporting and data in the parameters and display styles most relevant to your needs, facilitating faster review.
    • Access full disclosure beat-to-beat source data to cross-reference detected events as needed.


    Workflow Under Your Control

    Remove the redundancies of traditional arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes with a system that puts you closer to your patients – and to the data that is critical to their diagnosis.

    • Minimize administrative burden with online patient enrollment, and connect with existing EMR platforms.
    • Use the web-based portal to manage patient progress throughout their entire monitoring period.
    • Remotely transition patients between Holter, Event, and MCT to reduce the need for follow-up office visits.

    Economic Benefits Under Your Control

    MoMe® Kardia also brings reimbursements and device utilization under your control. Our unique SaaS model covers all monitoring and reporting activities under one flat monthly fee.

    directly bill insurance companies

    Directly bill insurance companies globally using existing CPT codes – enabling greater revenue opportunity without added work.

    one device many tests

    Use each device for as many tests as needed for the same all-inclusive monthly rate.

    scalable infrastructure

    Minimize costly infrastructure needs with a scalable platform to support your practice’s growing monitoring needs.


    The Patient Experience Under Your Control

    Make the most of patient monitoring time with an arrhythmia detection and monitoring system designed to help you increase patient satisfaction and aid the efficiency of your diagnosis.

    • The sleek, lighweight form factor of the MoMe® Kardia device is designed so that patients can wear it discretely.
    • Reduce patient time spent on unnecessary follow-up visits, and the time lags that typically occur between monitoring periods.
    • Dynamically select the monitoring technology most relevant to patient need and symptoms, which may help to facilitate faster detection and diagnosis.

    Are you ready to have achange of heartfrom the status quo?

    See how MoMe® Kardia is transforming arrhythmia detection and monitoring management to bring a vital change to physicians and their patients.


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