Find answers to your questions on MoMe® Kardia.

We’ve compiled answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our system and model.

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Is someone looking at the data?

Yes, all events, whether triggered or patient initiated, go to QA prior to being sent to the practice. QA only verifies the accuracy of the alarm trigger (as defined by the physician) and makes sure noise/artifact is not forwarded to the practice and/or included in the overall burden calculations, etc.

All events determined to meet physician pre-set notification criteria will be managed by QA. Two types of notifications are managed based on physician-defined preferences: Email and/or Email/verbal (phone call).

Does your subscription model satisfy the 24/7 monitoring requirement to allow me to bill globally?

Yes, as long as the practice handles all of the following responsibilities, global billing may be considered appropriate: the practice is responsible for providing the service comparable to an IDTF, including accepting, creating, or rejecting events; creating reporting; managing physician notification criteria; enrolling patients and managing devices; covering 24/7 for notifications; and providing a diagnosis at the end of service.

I get full disclosure with my current provider. What the difference with the InfoBionic device/software?

There is no other company that provides 24/7 full disclosure data to the physician. Although there are companies that say they have 24/7 full disclosure data, the reality is that their monitors collect the data but do not send the full disclosure data. Instead, they send only the event triggers, which can hinder time-to-detection and accurate arrhythmia diagnosis. For these companies, if you need additional ECG data you have to call and request the data. The companies will then attempt to obtain the data which in some cases can take hours or even days and is not always available even when requested. Our 24/7 ECG data is available to you in your office through the MoMe® Kardia software. There is no waiting and hoping you can get what you need, it is there for you to access immediately.

I pay about the same for my current service; what am I missing?

We charge per device and NOT per patient. Typically, you are paying a per patient fee and likely purchased the device. Purchasing a device does not give the practice the ability to bill globally as the technical portion requires much more. In addition, Medicare has strict rules around “marking up” any fees paid for a service. If you are under this model, ask you current provider to put in writing that you are able to bill Medicare globally.