The MoMe® ARC

Remote cardiac monitoring at the heart of virtual care.

Remote monitoring made for virtual cardiology. The sky is the limit.

As virtual care finds its permanent place in healthcare, providers require a flexible and scalable approach to cardiac telemetry that provides them the acuity, agility, and adaptability needed to provide first-class care in any setting. The MoMe® ARC is on a mission to deliver on all of these requirements, and so much more.

Through the dynamic MoMe® ARC, providers will be able to use the platform for varying clinical use cases with full confidence in the full disclosure model and near real time access that has differentiated InfoBionic.Ai from the very start.

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What’s in a name? Everything we stand for.

Icon Advanced Any Acuity Level

A variety of clinical use cases.

Our plan for Single to Multi- lead configuration Sensors are designed to support a complete range of exam acuity—from more advanced cardiac monitoring use cases to less complex.

Icon Remote Continuous Data Flow

100% of the data, 100% of the time.

With the ability to ensure contiguous data collection and representation our vision is to monitor patients nearly anywhere virtual care is delivered without missing a beat.

Icon Cardiac Arrhythmia Detection

Founded on quality and innovation.

Our core competency in remote cardiac arrhythmia detection enables us to deliver high-fidelity insights to care providers, nearly eliminating the gaps between them and their patient’s data.

Where can the platform take you?

Icon Virtual Monitoring

Virtual monitoring, no strings attached.

We’re designing the ability to capture high fidelity data using Bluetooth® to untether sensors for the ultimate patient convenience—no need to be attached at the hip. 

Highly Durable Gateway

Highly durable, just like you need it to be.

The new device is water resistant and highly durable, and able to contiguously monitor patients’ cardiac activity—no matter where they go. 

Icon Device Agnostic

Device agnostic for a range of compatible third-party devices.

While the platform’s core competency remains cardiology, it will be able to support a range of compatible third-party RPM devices—from blood pressure cuffs to oximeters, scales, and more*.

Icon Advanced Power Management

Advanced power management to go the distance.

Battery management is a key weakness in the remote cardiac monitoring industry. We will continue to find new ways to extend battery life for continuous wearability time.

I have MoMe® on the mind.

Everything remote cardiac monitoring should be, and so much more.

Explore our vision for the MoMe® ARC product family.

  • Hospital-to-Home
  • Modular Wireless Sensors
  • Advanced Connective Devices
  • Cloud-Based Solutions
Mome Now

Our vision is to support monitoring from hospital-to-home scenarios, with a Bluetooth® & Wi-Fi bridge that will ensure data continuity with no compromises.

Learn more about hospital-to-home.

Mome K Series
Modular Wireless Sensors

Our modular Sensors will provide the ultimate convenience and quality, securely transmitting high-fidelity cardiac arrhythmia detection data to clinicians in near real time.

Learn more about modular wireless sensors.

Mome With Dock
Advanced Connective Devices

Using a variety of Sensors, our vision includes enabling clinicians to tailor different lead configurations to the required levels of patient acuity and data specificity—from complex diagnostic monitoring to proactive, preventative care.

Learn more about advanced connective devices.

Mome Solutions
Cloud-Based Solutions

Our cloud-based Platform, a fully HIPAA-compliant solution will enable healthcare providers to securely access and interpret patient data with capabilities of AI-assisted analysis, quality control, alerting, reporting, and more.

Learn more about cloud-based solutions.

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