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InfoBionic.Ai’s vision is to deliver the first mobile cardiac telemetry platform capable of supporting nearly any level of acuity where virtual care is delivered.

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When InfoBionic.Ai was founded more than a decade ago, we reimagined mobile cardiac arrhythmia detection and delivered a full disclosure model that was built upon the principles of unwavering quality and continual innovation. Today, we’re carrying those same pillars forward as we make yet another bold foray into the future of healthcare.

Built with the same standards of quality and innovation that have earned us the trust of cardiology leaders, the MoMe® ARC will hand power back to clinicians while enabling them to step confidently into virtual care.

MoMe® ARC: a Clear Vision for the Future of Virtual Telemetry

Our vision is to bring to market the only advanced remote cardiology monitoring platform—enabling hospital-grade telemetry that can be fully tailored by clinical use case and patient need.

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High Acuity

The vision is to support high acuity hospital-to-home scenarios with near real-time, next-generation monitoring.

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Mid Acuity

Tailor patient care with plans for modular sensors for increased levels of complexity.

Mome Gateway
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Low Acuity

Access near real-time, high-fidelity data for lower-acuity remote cardiac monitoring.

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Access patient data through our suite of secure, HIPAA compliant solutions for quality, alerting, reporting, and more.

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A future suite of virtual telemetry solutions.

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Mome With Dock
One, device-agnostic gateway to support all your virtual telemetry needs.

Advanced Connective Devices

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Mome K Series
Modular lead sets to suit your patients’ required level of acuity.

Modular and Scalable Wireless Sensors

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Mome Now
Virtual telemetry to monitor from the hospital to the home.


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Mome Solutions
A future suite of solutions to support quality, alerting, reporting, and more.

Cloud-Based Solutions

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