You haven’t been getting the full picture from your MCT provider…

mct chart static
mct chart static

…this is what full disclosure really looks like.

A different class of MCT, enabling a new standard of care.

mct chart realtime
See how MoMe® Kardia does it

We put the ‘telemetry’ in MCT.

Other MCT service providers say they are full disclosure, but still only show you (or even look at) data from the time of reported events.

MoMe® Kardia is the ONLY full disclosure transmitter on the market, and gives you anytime access to 24 hour ECG data any time during monitoring so you have all the information needed to make more effective decisions and diagnoses.

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  • Verify What You See

    Ensure episodes are properly recorded, see what others may miss.

  • Correlate Symptoms to Rhythms

    See what is happening at the onset and offset of events to identify triggers.

  • Get More Than a Few Minutes of Insight

    Look beyond automated reports to dig deeper into 24/7 beat-to-beat data as needed.

“MoMe Kardia is the only system that allows me to verify reported events, as well as review onset and offset data to identify event triggers. It truly is the new gold standard for user friendly full disclosure.”

– Dr. Colin Movsowitz, MD

We’ve made it easy for patients to love.

The single piece 3-in-1 MoMe® Kardia monitor was built to overcome complexity that hinders patient compliance – so you can increase patient satisfaction while aiding the efficiency of your diagnosis.

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  • One Device, One Battery, One Button

    Ergonomically optimized for ease of use, all in a compact form factor.

  • Made with Ease of Patient Use in Mind

    Educate patients in minutes on how to use the simple, single piece monitor.

  • Address Compliance Issues in Real-Time

    Quickly see when a patient is non-compliant for fast resolution.

“The MoMe device is the best I’ve used and I have been on a couple of different monitors. I was surprised to hear when I called my doctor’s office to tell them I wasn’t feeling great they were able to immediately look at my heartbeat. It was great to know they have the latest technology.”

– Joe G., Patient

We simplify processes so you don’t miss a beat.

Remove the redundancies and roadblocks that traditional service providers create. MoMe® Kardia puts your practice closer to your patients with control over all aspects of monitoring services, from enrollment to reporting.

mome wireless heart monitoring device

  • Don’t Wait for the Data You Need

    Access and review data on demand, 24/7, via desktop, tablet, or phone.

    All streaming patient data is validated through algorithm analysis and verified by QA professionals.

  • Streamline the Patient and Practice Experience

    Remotely transition the monitor between Holter, Event, and MCT to reduce follow-up office visits.

  • Manage it All in User-Friendly Views

    Review high-quality data and dashboards in your preferred parameters and display styles.

wireless data transmission

control model

We give you the advantages of ownership.

In the current model for cardiac arrhythmia monitoring, you’ve been missing the ownership advantage… until now. The first of its kind, MoMe® Kardia removes 3rd party redundancy and allows you to bill globally for services.

See the Ownership Impact in Your Practice

  • Global Reimbursements

    Only MoMe® Kardia enables you to provide the technical portion of service.

  • Optimize Your Workflows

    These claims are already filed as part of your standard protocol.

See everything the MoMe® Kardia system gets you.

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What’s included:

  • Unlimited usage of the 3-in-1 MoMe® Kardia device and software
  • Cloud-based analysis of patient data, validated by QA professionals
  • On-demand access to automated reports and full disclosure data, 24/7

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