Transform the efficiency with which your practice manages detection and monitoring processes for cardiac arrhythmia patients with the MoMe® Kardia system.

    Eliminate the redundancies and roadblocks of traditional arrhythmia detection and monitoring management with a platform that empowers you with workflow control. Without added work, you’ll be able to streamline all aspects of cardiac patient monitoring processes to drive operational efficiencies.

    MoMe® Kardia makes this possible by simplifying both the practice and patient experience of cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring.


    Simplified Enrollment and Education

    The MoMe® Kardia system is designed to streamline initial set up processes to get patients started on their remote monitoring regimen and comfortable with using the device.

    • Minimize administrative burden with online patient enrollment, and connect with existing EMR records to further streamline data transfer.
    • The MoMe® Kardia device was designed for simple, intuitive use, to aid your staff’s training processes in helping patients understand and use the monitor they will be wearing.
    • Support a better patient experience by improving workflow efficiencies leading up to and during their time under monitoring.

    mome device control

    Simplified Monitoring Management

    Without added work, you’ll be able to streamline all aspects of cardiac patient monitoring management to drive operational efficiencies that can also aid in improving patient care.

    • Gain total access to all data and reports during the patient’s monitoring period, with intuitive interaction and management via a convenient mobile app.
    • Gain total control over the patient’s monitoring technology, with the ability to seamlessly transition between Holter, Event, and MCT remotely.
    • Eliminate the need for patient follow-up visits to change monitoring technologies, reducing staff and administrative burden.


    Simplified Billing

    Once monitoring is complete, your practice can directly bill insurance companies globally using existing CPT codes.

    • Because these claims are already filed as part of your standard protocol, you’ll now be able to generate more revenue opportunity without added work.
    • Benefit from our unique SaaS model, which covers all monitoring and reporting activities under a single monthly flat fee.
    • Use the MoMe® Kardia device for any number of patients and tests as needed for the same all-inclusive monthly rate.

    Are you ready to have achange of heartfrom the status quo?

    See how MoMe® Kardia is transforming arrhythmia detection and monitoring management to bring a vital change to physicians and their patients.


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