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You’ve never seen a mobile cardiac telemetry system like this.

MoMe® Kardia is the ONLY full disclosure arrhythmia monitoring platform on the market, delivering 24/7 mobile cardiac telemetry (MCT) data at the touch of a button – any time during patient monitoring.

See new opportunities to speed decision-making and diagnosis.

Did you know that even MCT service providers that say they are full disclosure only show you (or even review) data from periods of detected events?

MoMe® Kardia, on the other hand, is a true mobile cardiac telemetry monitor in that it makes 24/7 ECG data available for physician analysis at any point during the patient monitoring period. Now you can look beyond reported events to verify episodes, correlate symptoms to rhythms, review onset and offset data, and in turn improve time to appropriate clinical diagnosis.

mobile cardiac telemetry systemmobile cardiac telemetry monitor


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Find new opportunities to enhance the practice efficiencies.

Instead of waiting for your third party provider to send you reports or missing information, the MoMe® mobile cardiac telemetry monitor makes all automated reports and full disclosure ECG data available on-demand via a HIPAA-compliant portal. This enables you to review reports and provide physician interpretation without delay. You can greatly improve practice workflows as well as the patient experience by removing information roadblocks to support more efficient time to arrhythmia detection and diagnosis.

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mobile cardiac telemetry monitormobile cardiac telemetry


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What’s included:

  • Unlimited usage of the 4-in-1 MoMe® device and MoMe.Net platform. 
  • Cloud-based AI analysis of ECG data, validated by QA professionals.
  • On-demand access to automated reports and full disclosure data, 24/7 through your web browser.

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