InfoBionic empowers physicians with the control they need to transform the efficiency with which they diagnose and monitor patients with cardiac arrhythmias.

    Seeing first-hand the complexities of traditional cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes, the InfoBionic team designed its transformative MoMe® Kardia platform to optimize the system’s clinical and real-world utility for the users that need it most – physicians and their patients.

    Our 3-in-1, Cloud-based remote patient monitoring platform – the first and only of its kind – delivers on-demand, actionable monitoring data and analytics for Holter, Event, and MCT directly to the physicians themselves. Anytime, anywhere access to this patient data shortens the distance between doctors, their patients, and the analysis that is critical to optimizing arrhythmia detection and monitoring efficiency.

    This paradigm-shifting system puts physicians in the driver’s seat, giving them the power to directly control the clinical, analytical, and economic aspects that streamline patient monitoring management, improve analysis time, enhance the patient experience, and ultimately drive better outcomes.

    cloud based remote montoring

    Why Now?

    A major wave of change is underway for healthcare providers, driven by important and converging market dynamics that will require their healthcare delivery and economic models to change.

    InfoBionic has seen the pressing need for innovation in the complex, fragmented devices and systems that have been used for arrhythmia detection and monitoring for years, and we are leading change in this area with MoMe® Kardia.

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    Are you ready to have achange of heartfrom the status quo?

    See how MoMe® Kardia is transforming arrhythmia detection and monitoring management to bring a vital change to physicians and their patients.


    Learn More About MoMe® Kardia for Practices

    Talk to our team to discover how the MoMe® Kardia system is optimizing clinical and real-world utility for the users that need it most – physicians and their patients.