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Demo MoMe® Kardia at Booth #221 and learn what happens when you take back ownership of ambulatory cardiac monitoring.

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Meet InfoBionic at HRS Booth #221 to see how the full access to full disclosure monitoring data provided by MoMe® Kardia gives you new opportunities to optimize diagnoses, economics, and patient care.

New opportunities to
Speed decision-making and diagnosis

See how we deliver 24/7 telemetry data so you can look beyond reported events to verify episodes, correlate symptoms to rhythms, review onset and offset data, and in turn improve time to appropriate clinical diagnosis.

Did you know?
Even MCT service providers that say they are full disclosure only show you (or even review) data from periods of detected events.

mct report todaymct report with mome


Slide to see what full disclosure really looks like

New opportunities to
Enhance the Patient Experience

See how we remove the redundancies that 3rd party service providers create, to simplify monitoring for patients and streamline management for practices.

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New opportunities to
Transform Practice Economics

See why MoMe® Kardia is the only system that enables you to bill globally for services using existing CPT codes, to generate new revenue without added work.

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traditional practive revenue modelpractive revenue model with infobionic


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