InfoBionic’s MoMe® Kardia system is the first and only wireless remote patient monitoring platform to bring all aspects of cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring management under physicians’ direct control – designed to enable new efficiency gains that drive value for both practices and their patients.

    Our system shortens the distance between doctors, their patients, and the analysis that is critical to optimizing arrhythmia detection and monitoring efficacy.

    Here’s how it works:

    The MoMe® Kardia 3-in-1 Device

    This single universal device enables physicians to remotely transition between Holter, Event, and MCT technologies based on patient need at any given time during their monitoring period.

    The device’s remote transition capability eliminates the need for additional patient office visits and allows the physician to instantly change technologies depending on their detection relevance.

    The Features:

    • Lightweight, sleek form factor
    • Collects and stores all ECG and motion data
    • Continuously streams full disclosure data to the Cloud for analysis
    • Can be used over any length of time needed to make an accurate diagnosis

    The Cloud

    Our transformative Cloud-based model provides the MoMe® Kardia system with the horsepower to continuously stream and process full disclosure data via a proprietary algorithm for analysis. When indicated, data identified by the algorithm is flagged for physician review.

    These analysis and data are delivered in near real-time from the Cloud directly to physicians through a convenient mobile app.

    cloud-based system


    The Features:

    • Enables greater throughput than processing on a monitoring device or smartphone
    • Verifies detected events using an embedded algorithm to aid analysis precision
    • Provides strong specificity and sensitivity to potentially reduce false positives

    The Physician Portal

    Physicians gain anytime, anywhere access to the monitoring data they need – in the level of detail they want – through the convenient web-based MoMe® Kardia physician portal.

    Instead of waiting for piles of static reports to fax in, physicians can now take a real-time approach to arrhythmia detection and monitoring analysis. MoMe® Kardia empowers them with the continuous, actionable data they need to bring patient monitoring processes under their direct control.

    The Features:

    • Provides on-demand views of patient monitoring progress in dashboard and drill-down detail
    • Enables paperless management and analysis via an intuitive, HIPAA-compliant mobile app
    • Generates automated reporting in multiple parameters and data displays
    • Provides beat-to-beat source data for deeper analysis as needed

    The MoMe® Kardia SaaS Model

    Recognizing the growing need for practices to evolve their healthcare delivery models, InfoBionic built its MoMe® Kardia platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS) offering for greater economic efficiency.

    This model minimizes costly infrastructure needs and is easily scalable to support growing monitoring demands, enabled with an extensible, future-ready platform.

    Transform Arrhythmia Detection & Monitoring Management

    Learn how MoMe® Kardia gives you direct control over the data you need to detect and diagnose patients’ cardiac events.


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