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January 11, 2022

Poor Sleep Quality Linked to Heart Problems, Yet Diagnostic RPM Can Help

Most Americans don’t get enough sleep, which can lead to many heart problems like arrhythmias. The use of remote cardiac monitoring technologies to keep an eye on people while...
November 2, 2021

Nation’s Veterans Get New Cardiac Monitoring/Diagnosis Services as VHA Awards Contract to InfoBionic on GSA Advantage Program

The Veterans Health Administration has granted a contract to Massachusetts-based InfoBionic to provide remote cardiac monitoring and diagnosis services to our nation’s veterans.
July 20, 2021

Six Challenges Telehealth Must Solve for Usage to Expand

There is no denying that telehealth is here to stay. However, certain challenges must still be addressed to make this method of care sustainable and long-term. InfoBionic CEO Stuart...
June 14, 2021

Remote Patient Monitoring Represents Paradigm Shift after COVID-19

While the use of telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring skyrocketed during COVID-19, what does it mean for the healthcare industry as the pandemic is showing signs of abating? InfoBionic...
April 1, 2021

Could ‘Hospitals Without Walls’ Be the New Normal for Telehealth and Remote Patient Monitoring?

Slowly but surely, the toll of the COVID-19 pandemic is lessening, with millions of vaccines on their way to help bring life back to something resembling normal but in...
December 15, 2020

More COVID Cases Mean More Cardiac Episodes that could Benefit from Remote Monitoring

Despite many patients “recovering” from COVID-19, some are experiencing severe after-effects, many of which aren’t yet understood, such as heart damage due to inflammation. Stuart Long, CEO of InfoBionic,...
November 3, 2020

AI Leads Way to Less False Positives on Remote Cardiac Monitoring Devices, Improved Results

Cardiac patients and their cardiologists are experiencing a high number of false positives with remote patient monitoring devices as a result of signal artifact providing inaccurate data, which can...
September 8, 2020

Topelia Therapeutics and InfoBionic Partner in Clinical Trial for COVID-19 Quintuple Therapy

Mobile Cardiac Telemetry is essential to mitigate cardiac issues that patients may experience during COVID-19 treatment protocols. Topelia Therapeutics and InfoBionic have partnered in a remote cardiac monitoring 24-week...
September 1, 2020

Growing Number of Athletes with COVID-19 Heart Problems Suggests Monitoring

Pro, college, and high school athletes are seeing increasing numbers of COVID-19 infection and potential heart complications that could be career-ending. Ambulatory cardiac monitoring provider InfoBionic says simple and...
August 3, 2020

InfoBionic On the Front Lines of EHR Interoperability with Full Disclosure Cardiac RPM

While true interoperability is complex, InfoBionic shows how real-time, full disclosure remote cardiac monitoring data advances healthcare toward the goal of remote cardiac care as part of a complete...