The MoMe® Kardia system for cardiac arrhythmia detection and monitoring is designed to enable your physician to make the most of your time under monitoring – to aid in helping you reach a diagnosis efficiently.

    We understand that your health is critical, and your time is valuable. Our MoMe® Kardia remote monitoring system helps your doctor more closely manage the processes of your arrhythmia detection and monitoring, which may help to reduce the monitoring time needed to diagnose and / or manage your symptoms.

    Learn more to understand why MoMe® Kardia may be a good option for your cardiac arrhythmia monitoring needs.

    Benefit from a Device Designed for Everyday Wear

    The sleek, lightweight form factor of the MoMe® Kardia monitoring device enables you to wear it discretely and flexibly as a belt attachment. We developed the design with patient comfort in mind.

    MoMe® Kardia continuously streams your ECG data to your physician for 24/7 access and review.


    Keep Connected to Your Physician – Anytime, Anywhere

    The MoMe® Kardia device streams all of your monitoring data directly to the Cloud, so your doctor is able to access it for analysis on demand. As such, your physician can review your detected cardiac events when needed without lags in report generation.

    You can also press the event button on the center of the device – where pressed, it will be noted on the test for your physician’s review.

    The MoMe® Kardia system is designed to help your physician make the most of your time under monitoring.

    Reduce Repeat Office Visits with the Right Monitoring at the Right Time

    If during your monitoring period, your physician feels that your cardiac symptoms call for a different type of monitoring technology, they can switch your device remotely to any one of three main monitoring modes.

    That means you don’t need to waste time coming back to the office to change hardware – you’ll just gain the benefit of the monitoring technology determined to be the best fit to aid your diagnosis.

    MoMe® Kardia is designed to facilitate an efficient process to your arrhythmia detection and diagnosis.


    Shorten the Distance Between You and Your Doctor

    Gain peace of mind knowing that your physician has full control over your monitoring progress, and full insight into the arrhythmia detection data needed to make an efficient diagnosis.