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See how we’ve reset the standard for MCT, in physicians’ and patients’ favor.

InfoBionic’s MoMe®   cardiac monitor has transformed the model for continuous cardiac monitoring to give practices the data, clinical, and ownership advantage.

Our mobile cardiac monitoring system shortens the distance between physicians and their patients, giving them new levels of control and deeper insight to make more efficient and effective decisions and diagnoses—all while optimizing the patient experience and the practice’s workflows. Here’s how we do it:


It starts with the simplicity of our 4-in-1 monitor.

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The single piece, ergonomically optimized MoMe® cardiac monitor is easy for patients to wear and use, making for a better monitoring experience while maximizing data collection time.

The cardiac monitoring system continuously streams ECG and motion data for real-time review, so you can immediately see when a patient is non-compliant and address with them quickly.

Remotely transition the monitor between Holter, Event, and MCT, depending on patient need, to mitigate additional office visits. Length of service is also fully under your control including support for Extended Holter.

Enroll and educate patients in just minutes.

  • We’ve streamlined the entire enrollment process by cutting out the complexity of interfacing with a third party provider, and giving you the tools to make it easy to do yourself.
  • With only one button and one battery, you can educate patients on how to use the MoMe® Kardia monitor in just minutes.
  • In our model you own the devices, so there’s no need to wait for a service provider to send you inventory. You can enroll, train, and begin monitoring in the same visit.

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See how simple it is to enroll patients online.

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Easily review events–and beat-to-beat data–in real time.

  • Access automated reports – and dig deeper into onset, offset, and other supplementary data to verify events – 24/7 from any device through a HIPAA-compliant portal.
  • Don’t get bogged down with phone calls and faxes to your service provider. Get insight in just a few clicks, with reporting and notification parameters set to your preferences.
  • All streaming data is verified via higher algorithm analysis in the Cloud and validated by QA professionals, so you can be confident in the data you’re reviewing.

Take back ownership of your cardiac arrhythmia monitoring workflows.

  • Eliminate the need for intermediaries in patient enrollments, IDTF data delays and gain control of patient compliance.
  • Under InfoBionic’s Subscription as a Service (SaaS) model, you can use each device for as many tests as needed under one flat monthly subscription fee.
  • Our model lets you get the full ownership benefits out of the work you are already doing, and is easily scalable to support growing monitoring demands.

See All the Benefits for Your Practice

take back ownership of workflows
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Can your current provider give you all this?

If not, it’s time to talk to InfoBionic.

We invite you to start a trial to compare the MoMe® ARC with your current arrhythmia detection and monitoring processes.

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