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Make a Vital Change in Your Arrhythmia Detection Management Efficiency.

The MoMe® Kardia wireless remote patient monitoring system gives physicians the control to make it possible.

Take Data Analysis Efficiency to an All-Time High.

MoMe® Kardia harnesses the power of the Cloud to deliver continuous monitoring data right to your fingertips – anywhere, anytime.

The MoMe® Kardia 3-in-1 device streams all collected data, not just events.

The Cloud gives MoMe® Kardia the horsepower to perform Multi-Pass Analysis™ – high definition validation of results.

Via the convenient portal app, physicians can actively interact with on-demand reports and multi-parameter data.

Continuous Monitoring that Doesn’t Skip a Beat.

As a 3-in-1 device, you can seamlessly transition MoMe® Kardia between Holter, Event, and MCT modes remotely. If your patient’s monitoring needs change, you can switch MoMe® Kardia to a new technology instantly – without lags in time, extra office visits, or lengthy hardware changing cycles.

Empowering You with the Control to Elevate Practice and Patient Value.

Remove the costs and roadblocks of traditional arrhythmia detection monitoring processes. Without added work, you’ll gain control over your patient’s data and your practice’s workflows, in support of a better overall patient experience.

Gain Clinical Control

Rapidly access patient data and reports when, where, and how you want for faster review.

Gain Process Control

Remotely transition between Holter, Event, MCT to streamline patient monitoring time without delays in data access.

Regain Economic Control

No more outsourcing. Directly bill insurance companies globally using existing CPT codes.

Make the Most of Patient Monitoring Time.

The sleek, lightweight form factor of MoMe® Kardia device is designed so that patients can wear it discretely during monitoring. But the system offers so much more.

Allows you to remotely change to the most relevant monitoring technologies instantly based on patient need.

Respects patient time by reducing the number of follow-up visits and workflow inefficiencies.

Shortens the distance between patient and physician, in support of greater patient satisfaction.

on demand analysis

On-Demand Analysis of the Data You Need, in the Detail You Want.

Access and interact with all monitoring source data, anywhere, anytime. With MoMe® Kardia, you can see automated arrhythmia analysis reports in near real-time – and dig deeper into full disclosure data if you desire.

Put Your Practice Ahead of Its Time.

MoMe® Kardia is the only remote arrhythmia detection system to give doctors the control they need to transform the efficiency with which they monitor and diagnose patients.

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Discover how MoMe® Kardia is transforming arrhythmia detection by empowering physicians with control over monitoring efficiency, analysis, and costs.